Extenzo elasticity coatings with consuming materials for walls and ceiling nowadays is used by most of the designers and architects as a revolutionary and interested product. In the 3rd Christian millennium , speed, efficiency, variety and durability is the important principle in the interior design and extenzo is able to respond to all the said requirements.

Extenzo elasticity coating with a thickness of maximum 0.05 to 0.10 mm with more than 120 colors with type of shining, opaque, transparent, various tissues and  velvet tissue coatings is installable in the shortest time period.

Extenzo  coating is a winner of number of international prizes and awards and was able to achieved a suitable place throughout the world among the designers and architects. This product is resistance against direct and indirect humidity. If mixed with special materials, can achieve acoustic and isolation compound. Extenzo having anti-combustion property and is preserving its physical properties under the temperature of -10 centigrade up to 60+ centigrade. Also, possessing property of anti-inflammation and lack  of observing poisoning gas at the time of fire.

Extenzo  elasticity coatings are utilizable in private, public, commercial and office places .This technology is very light weight and is installed with a special machine under specific temperature in uniform in dimensions (60 sqm.).To be noted that these coatings have no limitation and are executable in any environment according to any design and ideal. Also, it is possible to remove these coatings repeatedly and to install once again especially when accessibility to the various installation on the back side of it needs repair or maintenance.

c possessing very high flexibility and resistance against sudden strokes. In case of incurring stroke to its surface the elasticity condition will provide to return to its primitive form. Type of these coatings with the unique property of “Translucide” having capability of filer and surfacing of natural and artificial lights. This capability will allow the experts and designers to change the personality of interior spaces with the help of light and color. This technology having unlimited application in designing showcases of shop, restaurant , coffee shop , waiting hall, designing decoration and scene of theatre and cinema, photocopy and cinematography studio and other places where change in color light is considered.

Extenzo  elasticity coatings having types of anti-bacteria and anti-microbe named “B10-PROOF” which is recommended by all centers compiling the world standards for using in health centers, hospitals, laboratories, pharmacies, restaurants, museums and swimming pools. This coating prevent from the spread of microbe diseases in the environment and is able to kill more than 50 type of microbes, bacteria and funguses and to
remove them from the maintenance and cleanliness of environment
Extenzo products have a 15-year guaranty and also own Vira sazeh Pars Co.,(the exclusive representative of France Extenzo) after sales services for 15 years

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